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New: Morris CS8 Field Tractor

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Here’s a little something for British players and it’ll be good to cover all forces in all theatres – the Morris CS field tractor. Used by British Tommies from the BEF in France right though to the end of the war (and well beyond!) it is classed as a 15 cwt truck in Bolt Action terms.


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The Morris Motor Group produced a number of unarmoured vehicles for the British army throughout the war – from large troop-carrying trucks to smaller supply vehicles, gun tows and multi-purpose utility vehicles.

The CS8 was a rear-wheel drive 4-wheeled truck which started production in 1934. The CS8 would prove so popular that it would also be manufactured by other leading British manufacturers such as Bedford and Guy amongst others. With over 21,000 built between 1934 and 1941 it became the backbone of the British Army.

US gamers in particular may well remember the CS8 as the vehicle used in the 1960 series ‘Hogan’s Heroes’, appearing in the comedy series as a German truck.

Our model depicts the most common variant of the CS8 – with the canvas-topped rear cargo area. It also comes with an option for a retracted canvas tilt. Also included is a stoic British driver.

Captured German CS8s

…and it’s not just the British players out there who’ll have the chance to field the CS8 – a large number were captured by the Germans at Dunkirk, and were put to use amid the ranks of the Wehrmacht – such as those shown in the photograph above! The CS8 could also be found in Italian forces during the Western Desert campaign.

Some other transport options for British armies:

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