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The new Plastic behemoths are here and ready to be outfitted with the latest of Rift technology, the KV1/2 Zvukovoy Proyektor turret!


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While the Zvukovoy Proyektor proved effective on the T-34 chassis when used to support the Soviet heavy assault regiments. The well armoured KV-mounted Zvukovoy Proyektor was more capable of disrupting enemy formations prior to the wave of assault infantry as it could withstand heavier punishment and damage than the T-34.

This turret is perfectly adjusted to fit the plastic KV1/2 only

Upgrade your Bolt Action!


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With the release of the new KV1/2 box set which includes one tank and two turrets, now you can now have 3 turrets for the KV-1 chassis. You’ll be able to field 3 different tanks in 2 game systems with 1 tank!

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For Mother Russia!


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