Hail Caesar, Roman

Focus: Imperial Roman Plastic Scorpion

Introducing Warlords plastic Imperial Roman Scorpion catapult:

Each Roman Century would be provided with a Scorpion Catapult to accompany them on the battlefield. With a rate of fire of up to four shots a minute, the weight and speed of these bolts would mean that shields and armour would offer little protection.

WGH-IR-07-EIR-Scorpion-a WGH-IR-07-EIR-Scorpion-b

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The plastic sprue comes with loads of options – the two crew can be built in a variety of ways (more than shown here for sure!) especially as they’re easily mixed with our other Roman plastic sets. Also included in the set are an arrow quiver, 3 sudes (a sudis was a spike the legionaries carried for employment as a field fortification, shown here stuck together to form anti-personnel obstacles) plus a line of sudes roped together to form part of a marching camps outer cordon.


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why not have 3!

1 Scorpion could support your first Roman force quite well but imagine the look on your opponents face as you line up a battery of 3!

WGH-IR-04 Scorpion Battery

Scorpion Battery in Store

Scorpion Battery provides you with 3 (yes three!) plastic Scorpion Catapults and their crew. There are stacks of options for building the crew and all components are compatible with our other plastic Roman sets so lots of opportunity to convert your models!

Add a few Scorpion catapults into your army and you’ll have enough sudes for a tasty defensive position – perfect for holding those dirty barbarians at bay…

WGH-IR-07-EIR-Scorpion-d WGH-IR-07-EIR-Scorpion-c

Scorpion Battery in Store

The crew components on the Scorpion plastic frame have been designed to fit with our other plastics so there is plenty of conversion opportunity to be had with our Legionary, Veteran and Praetorian Guard plastic sets!

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