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Just the right Guy to have next to you in a firefight, the new Guy armoured Car is ready to defend Britain.


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The Guy Armoured Car, or Light Tank (Wheeled) Mk I, was designed in 1938 and was the first armoured car with an all-wielded construction. They were armed with two machine guns in a rotating armoured turret.

Guy Motors lacked the capacity for full-scale production so the design was passed to Rootes who used it as the basis for the Humber. Six Guys were lost in France and the rest served on anti-invasion duties in Britain.

Cost: 64pts (Inexperienced), 80pts (Regular)
Weapons: 2 turret-mounted Besa MMGs on a single mount
Damage value: 7+ (armoured car)
Options: – Replace the Besa MMGs with a Vickers 0.5” HMG and coaxial Vickers MMG for +5pts
Special Rules: – Recce

This is the Guy Armoured Car Mk IA it was armed with Besa 15 mm and 7.92 mm Besa air-cooled machine guns instead of the Vickers giving it a bit more punch.

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