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Greek Generals Demosthenes & Theagenes

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As Greece’s enemies’ grow and bolden, her armies sought for courage, skill and leadership. The call has been answered by the prolific Demosthenes and Theagenes as sculpted by designer Steve Saleh.


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Demosthenes, son of Alcisthenes, was an Athenian general during the Peloponnesian War. He led the attempted Athenian invasion of Aetolia, before seeing-off the Spartan forces under the command of Eurylochus at Olpae – a formidable leader.

In 413 BC, Demosthenes accompanied Eurymedon, and a fleet of 73 ships and 5,000 Hoplites to Syracus, in Sicily – where they launched a bold night attack on the Syracusan forces – they had initial success, but the attack later fell into disarray – with the Athenians eventually being routed by the Spartans.


Theagenes was most famed for his act of slaughtering great flocks of rich folk. This is widely believed to have been a method of gaining the confidence and trust of his people – who distrusted the rich. He put great droves of his own people to death, in order to feed their hostility to one another – and gain the support of the more numerous poor.


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