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New: Ghar Attack Scutters

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More reinforcements arrive for the forces of the Ghar Empire this week, as the brand new boxed set of Ghar Attack Scutters enter the battlefield!

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The box set contains 3 Scutters – they are a hybrid resin-and-metal kit which require assembly and painting to ensure that they are battle-ready!

Attack Scutter Diagram

Attack Scutters are little more than Scutters with their bombloading equipment and ammunition removed enabling them to operate in a fighting role. This makes them more agile than regular Scutters although in other respects they are practically identical.


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Attack Scutters are used as general transports as well as for scouting and exploring and may often be the first Ghar encountered by the enemy. Attack Scutters carry a Scourer Cannon so they are potent little machines even if they are not as well protected as battle armoured Ghar troopers.


Scutters work alongside a Command Crawler to spearhead the Ghar advance through a series of ancient ruins…


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Now is the time to start gathering your Ghar force. ‘The Battle for Xilos‘ is almost upon us!


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Article written by Richard Dando