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New: French Old Guard Grenadiers

Available now are arguably the most resolute and famous soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars – the Grenadiers of the Old Guard!

There are few soldiers more famous than the Grenadiers of the Old Guard, veteran soldiers of many campaigns who would literally give their lives for their Emperor if needed.

Formed from the Consular Guards in 1804, they were the elite of an elite, each man hand-picked for his height and military bearing. They proudly grew fierce moustaches, powdered their pigtailed hair, and wore gold earrings which gave them a glamorous if wild countenance.


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These loyal soldiers served their Emperor well and earned their nickname ‘Les Grognards’ (grumblers) as they marched all over Europe, smashing France’s foes on battlefield after battlefield.

They were finally defeated in the savage fighting at the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815. Much of their action at this battle was hand-to-hand against Prussian troops and British firepower under the darkening skies. Such was their reputation and prowess in battle that they left a fighting legacy none could match.


Metal Officer and Standard Bearer models

This boxed set contains Old Guard Grenadiers in campaign overalls, ready to fight for the honour of France and her Emperor.


Metal Drummer and Pioneer models

This Boxed Set contains;

  • 4 metal command miniatures (officer, pioneer, standard bearer and drummer)
  • 20 metal Grenadiers
  • 3 full colour flags
  • Background and painting guide

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