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New: Early War Waffen-SS!

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Attired in their trademark camouflage smocks and helmet covers, the Waffen-SS were easily recognisable during the early stages of the war. Warlord sculptor, Wojtek, has been hard at it refreshing the sculpts we received when we bought BEF Miniatures. See what they look like and grab a squad or two for yourself here.



Well-supplied and well-led the Waffen-SS were a formidable fighting force. At the head of most major battles these will be a popular choice in wargamer’s armies.

These controversial but elite troops were at the forefront of the German Blitzkrieg offensive at the early stages of World War 2.



Our Early War Waffen-SS are dressed in their trademark camouflage smocks and helmet covers. The majority of the squad is armed with KAR98k rifles, there is a LMG team with Czech made CZ-26 and two NCO’s, one with a MP28 and one with a MP38.

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Early War Germans

Further build your Early War collection with a German Rifle Squad, they’ll easily mix in with the new Waffen-SS as well. Full squad consists of 2 NCOs with MP38 Sub Machine Guns, 2-man MG34 LMG team, 6 riflemen, plus an anti-tank rifleman.


If you’re looking for yet more variety for your German army’s motor pool there’s also this Phanomen Granit H25 Truck!

Opel Blitz

Purchase the open canopy Opel Blitz here.

Opel Blitz

Purchase the closed canopy Opel Blitz here.


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8 Rad

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