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Whilst the British line Infantry have been available for a short while via our webstore we now have them in a boxed set with full-colour flags and at a superb price. On top of that we also have a new mounted officer miniature – just a taste of things to come for the Crimean range…

Box Art

Here’s the first boxed set of our brand new range, and where to start better than Tommy Atkins himself, the British Line Infantry! Dressed in his famous Redcoat and Albert Shako for comfort, it was fellows like these that spearheaded the British assaults. Have a look at a painted regiment below.



We have the line companies and of course the two flank companies with their more elaborate shoulder decoration, so that light and grenadier companies (indeed fusiliers too) can be represented.
This box provides you with:

– A four man Command consisting of an Officer, two Standards and a Drummer
– An eight man Flank Company in shakos
– A twenty man Centre Company in shakos
– Full-colour flags

Snap up a box in the webstore by heading here!



Next up is this splendid fellow! He’s the perfect accompaniment for your British Line Regiment. As befits a gentleman he is mounted so that he stands above the lowly foot troopers he commands. Grab one for your regiment here!

And don’t forget to mix in some fellows wearing forage caps! We have these models available for your Centre Company, Flank Company, or Line Regiment.