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New: Army Painter Goodies!

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Even more hobby products for you from the gents at The Army Painter! Have a look at the new stuff here.

Winter Tufts

Winter Tufts

Winter Tufts are created to resemble bleached/dead grass during very cold months. It looks particularly well with Snow Flock added to the base as well, giving the perfect illusion of a frosted battlefield. Try experimenting with combining Winter Tuft and Highland Tuft for Autumn seasons.

Hero Basing XP

Hero Basing

This Hero Basing kit is a very cool addition to any front rank troops and Hero/Monster models. The perfectly cast resin bits adds both character and a unique touch to any base. Check the examples above – skulls, battered armor, battlefield wreckage even a snake! This set is a must for all Warhammer Generals. AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Angel Green Spray

Green Spray

This Angel Green spray has a beautiful deep and dark green which is absolutely perfect for Dark Angel Space Marines, Wood elves or even scenery. The Colour Primer is so dark that we recommend using Dark Tone Quickshade on top to create noteworthy shading effects.