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New: Brigands + Brigand Characters

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A way of life by choice, or force, and extremely dangerous – the new Brigand + Brigand characters will hold up anyone unfortunate enough to pass by, the perfect choice for a local shire patrol!

Our friends at Footsore Miniatures bring you:



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Using forests and cave systems as cover, large bands of marauding Brigands would roam the towns and villages, and would typically only fight for themselves. However, ever since the German invasion, most have decided to do their bit and they don’t take kindly to new folks coming into their land.

Brigand Characters


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Only the roughest people can live and lead in the brigandage life, the brigand leaders know just the right target and moment to strike. They constantly skirmish with the German forces and steal anything that’s left.

Join the British Army!


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Grab Campaign: Sea Lion!

Sea Lion Cover 72dpi

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