New: Bolt Action Turbaned Sikh Figure Heads!

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One of the reasons we chose to produce our superb plastic British Infantry models is the flexibility to add metal components and make them into something entirely new. The first of these add-ons are Indian army heads in turbans. Have a look at this article for details on how they can be fielded be you Allied or Axis…

Sikh Heads

We have modelled up four splendidly characterful Indian heads to go with our clever Figure Head system to give you the gamer yet more flex in how you build your armies.

Here we have 4 Sikh heads with their trademark turbans and beards. Indian troops have developed a high reputation for their martial skills and a welcome addition to anyone’s army.

If 4 isn’t enough, then how about 24 of them – and at a discount? Click here for our Sikh And Destroy Deal!



The British valued their Commonwealth troops highly, and when the second world war broke out assembled the largest volunteer force of all time, the Indian army which would offer to the King two and a half million men.they went on to serve with distinction in many theatres if war, most famously in the Western Desert, Italy and the Far East.



India was of course part of the British Empire, the largest the world had ever known at this stage.Not all of its dependants were happy under the rule of the Raj, and some Indian soldiers and volunteers took a bold step in either joining the German or Japanese forces, hoping that an Axis victory would mean independence for India.

So why not  add some variation to your force with a sprue of Skih Heads, or even better yet a bundle of them!

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