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New: Napoleonic Waterloo campaign starter armies

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European tension grows as Napoleon marches through unhindered, England and her allies have mustered everything they have to end Napoleon’s reign…finish it with the new Napoleonic Waterloo campaign starter armies!

British Waterloo campaign starter army

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  • 72 Plastic and metal British Line infantry in Belgic Shakos
  • 24 Plastic and metal Hanoverian infantry
  • 12 Plastic and metal British Union Brigade heavy cavalry
  • Officer on horse
  • Royal Horse Artillery 9-pdr cannon
  • Full-colour flag sheets

Fight the 100-day campaign from invasion to Waterloo, Muster your coalition and rid Europe of Napoleon for good.


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French Waterloo campaign starter army

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  • 84 French Line infantry
  • 28 French Light infantry
  • 12 French Line Lancers
  • Officer on horse
  • 6-pdr cannon
  • Full-color flag sheets
  • Waterslide decal sheets

Napoleon is free and gathers his troops to march into Belgium. 100 days of war begins, but will it lead to downfall this time?


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If you’ve yet to start Black Powder Napoleonics then look no further than the Waterloo Starter Set, ram packed full of everything you need (including a min A5 Black Powder rulebook) to field both French and Allied forces at Waterloo!

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