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Doctor Who: Draconians and Vervoids

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The latest additions to our Doctor Who: Into The Time vortex series are the Draconians and Vervoids, two classic series villains. Also, for the first time you can download exclusive PDF gaming cards for each set of figures via our dedicated Doctor Who website, so they are ready to be sent into battle in our Exterminate! miniatures game.


The Draconians are a race of reptilian humanoids encountered by the Third Doctor. Hailing from the planet Draconia, they are a formal, monarchy-led race, adhering to the rules laid down by their Emperor. The Draconians are tall, with pointed ears and are covered in scaly skin. Those they meet are greeted with the phrase ”My life at your command”.

The Draconian interstellar empire – large enough to rival Earth’s – co-existed peacefully with our planet. Peace was almost shattered as The Master – a renegade Time Lord – and his Ogron henchmen hatched a plot to provoke a war between the two societies. This scheme was thwarted by the Doctor and his companion, Jo Grant.

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Vervoids are humanoid plants, artificially created by human scientists for slavery. They are harvested in pods and have very short lifespans – growing and the decaying within a year.

They are capable of releasing gas from their mouth-like appendages and poisonous darts from their arm tendrils. Their bodies are covered in leaves – if these are placed in soil, new Vervoids can be created.

They saw their human creators as a threat, rebelling against them. Their attempts to kill all on-board the galactic spaceliner, Hyperion III failed, when the Sixth Doctor wiped them out by accelerating their photosynthesis rate, ageing them to death.

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These welcome additions to our ever-growing range are available now, RRP £11.99 per set of three pewter figurines:


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