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New: Me 410 squadron + Me 410 Ace

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Overwhelm the Allied bomber forces with the new heavy-hitting Me 410 squadron and lead them into the fray with Ace pilot Eduard Tratt.

Me 410 squadron

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The Messerschmitt Me 410 Hornisse (hornet) was a heavy fighter and Schnellbomber (fast bomber). It was a tricky target for the RAF as it proved to be hard to hit during night-time operations. It was also used as a bomber-destroyer during daylight operations.

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Me 410 Ace: Eduard Tratt

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Eduard Tratt was a Luftwaffe ace and was credited with the highest scoring number of victories amongst the Zerstörer (destroyer) pilots with 38 victories. Starting from the beginning of the war with the Polish invasion, he was shot down in 1944.

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Zerstörergeschwader 26 (ZG 26) “Horst Wessel” Me 410 Squadron

Featuring the German ACE Eduard Tratt and FREE decals for Zerstörergeschwader 26 (ZG 26) “Horst Wessel”, a Luftwaffe heavy/destroyer Fighter Aircraft-wing, the Luftwaffe receive the latest twin-engined Me 410…

779911015 Zerstörergeschwader 26 (ZG 26) Horst Wessel

This set gives you all you need to field a squadron of the Me 410 of the ZG 26 “Horst Wessel” in your games of Blood Red Skies!


  • 1x Squadron Box of 6x metal Me 410’s
  • 1x metal Me 410 ACE
  • Generic Luftwaffe Decals Sheet
  • Aircraft Cards
  • Aircraft Trait cards
  • Pilot skill discs
  • Advantage Flying bases
  • 1x Waterslide Decal Sheet for ZG 26 Horst Wessel (Me 410)


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