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Local Store Highlight: The Games Shop

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The Games Shop down in Aldershot has a long and proud tradition of being a friendly and knowledgeable store for gaming of any type whether it be cards, miniatures, boardgames or RPGs. We have a large selection of titles stocked and we are open late 4 nights a week so that our 4 floors of gaming space can be utilised by our friendly player base.
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We also run multiple events every week. Our “Learn to Play” weekly events have introduced people to Dungeons and Dragons, Bolt Action, Netrunner, Warmachine and Hordes, and many other games. Our facilities allow us to run large tournaments and organise play events for various systems and competitors have been known to travel from far and wide to be involved.

Our mentality with tournaments is focused on sportsmanship and we always make sure that the prize for playing fairly and with grace and respect matches that of first place.

This is a view shared by Kris Marland who runs our Bolt Action events. Kris is a great modeler/painter and a really friendly guy. His creativity and passion for the game shows through in the boards he created for our last event. Our next event is a 2000pt tank only affair called Operation Ironclad.