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Local Store Highlight: Tea Beard – Ontario

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Check out this awesome shop which has a blend of hobby, haircuts and hot drinks, with a sprinkle of home.
Tea Beards in Muskoka is a mix of a Barbershop, Cafe, and of course wargaming. As Central Ontario’s warlord-focused retailer store, Johnny & Alissa Ahsome offer locals and customers alike the opportunity to get together and battle every Tuesday and Wednesday for weekly game nights and every month at their War Game Tournament.
Johnny: We have created a place where enthusiasts can come down, sit and paint whenever they feel like. In creating a space that is conducive to relaxing and painting, we encourage new players to get matched with more experienced players; creating a dynamic atmosphere on and off the battlegrounds.
Alissa: In the game shop, we focus our nightly game sessions to Bolt Action and Frostgrave. Both games offer a variation on gameplay as well as different genres which attract a variety of personalities and skill levels. Those who have stopped in for the barber, find themselves ordering an espresso and browse the latest of warlord supplements, tools, paints, and figures while they wait. This approach to gaming enables those who may be shy about their inner gamer to safely explore the world of gaming in a very laid back and welcoming way. More often than not, they have purchased a starter set as a result of coming in for a haircut.
Johnny: Terrain building and model painting nights bring back classic hobbies to the youth in our town. This type of socialising has become rare and offers to them a hands-on and skill building experience while connecting with their community at the same time.
So whether you came for a straight razor shave, latte, or comic book subscription, or simply for some new paint and a good catch up, we welcome you to come on in, take a seat, get a haircut if you need one, but to really enjoy being a gamer in a shop that supports your ahsome hobby habbits!
Stay Ahsome!

Johnny & Alissa Ahsome
Tea Beards
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Check out their social details & pop in for a game!
Phone no:705-681-0455
Address: 101 Muskoka Road South,Gravenhurst, Ontario. Canada