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Event: Warlord Games Con!

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The time has come again for the US to enjoy Warlord Games Con!
I am happy to announce this year’s dates will be 26 to 28 May 2017 at the fantastic Reed Center in Oklahoma City (check them out here ).


The inside tag line is Get your Father what he REALLY wants a ticket to WARLORDGAMESCON (WGC)! We listened to all of the feedback from our first two events and I can safely say all of your suggestions, ideas and yes even your gripes have been taken care of. There will be even more tables, vendors, more prizes, and even a Bolt Action and Gates of Antares tournament this year which will be ran by Jay Casper and Seth Hall respectively. We had to get a NINE THOUSAND SQUARE FOOT event area plus the adjacent seminar room just to contain all of this gaming goodness!


The favorite Friday night event at the 45th Infantry Museum is back! Go to this website ( for any questions. We will again have the whole place to ourselves and there will be personal tours from 5 to 7 pm. We will then race over to the Reed Center and start the registration process and first possible access to any vendors. While this is going on; my team will be making sure all of the gaming tables are set up and ready for the door busting event scheduled for early morning Saturday.


We will start bright and early at 8 am and the events will run late into the night. The total cost for this extravaganza will be $45 for the three days and this includes an entry into one of the tournaments, $35 if you want to attend just the three days and we are now introducing a special $25 price for just a day pass! There will be hotel room discounts (use this code word WARLORD when you set up your registration at the hotel) so TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS that they shouldn’t miss this event.

Of course the rumors are swirling about this huge event so like us on Facebook ( and stay up on rumor control, or send your questions, requests or anything else you might have on your mind to as well as check out our very own webpage at !!

YES WE WILL BE TAKING PREORDERS! Send your want list to the above address and we will do everything we can to make sure you get your goodies at the event. And if you get the order to us BEFORE 1 May you can knock off 10% right off the top. Yup, you heard me correctly, get your order in to us by 1 May and your payment to us on PayPal (again use the above email address) and you get to take off 10% of the order and NOT PAY ANYTHING FOR SHIPPING!

If you HAVE ANY QUESTIONS contact me at and if you want to preregister contact me there as well…REMEMBER the first ONE HUNDRED people will get their hands on an OUT OF THIS WORLD SWAG BAG !!!

So to summarize there is going to be a larger area to play, a MUCH bigger swag bag, more vendors, more fun, and more hours to play this year so WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? Mark your calendars because you do NOT want to miss this event of the year!

As more of the details are ironed out and the information becomes available we will post it on our Facebook page (check it out here and don’t forget to like us at Warlord Games Day – Oklahoma City… thanx Tony Radford), or check out our Hotel page at: ( or better yet if you haven’t signed up for the WG newsletter, go do it RIGHT NOW!!


Move our website into your favorites so you don’t miss a thing!

Thanks for listening to all of this babble; expect more soon! Jon Russell