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New: Isorian Support team with Plasma Bombard

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Blast the threat to oblivion with the new Isorian Support team with Plasma Bombard.

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The plasma bombard is the most powerful and largest kind of mobile plasma weapon in the armoury of the Isorian Senatex ground forces. Its multiple looped plasma coils generate a tremendous energised burst with a flat trajectory and extremely high degree of accuracy. These qualities make the plasma bombard the ideal weapon against the most heavily armoured of targets.

Plasma bombards can be mounted onto the larger kinds of heavily armoured drone, but they are also employed as artillery pieces with an Isorian crew. Like all machines of such size and complexity the weapon is semi-autonomous and easily capable of moving under its own power by means of suspensors. These anti-gravity reactors make it possible for the huge weapon to move over most minds of terrain or to anchor itself to the ground ready to shoot.

This box contains:

  • 1 Isorian Support Team with plasma bombard, including three crew and ammunition pod
  • 1 Isorian Spotter Drone


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