Warlord Games metal caster Richard Nunley explains how he came to make this great scene:

‘I did this vignette for a friend of mine. He had watched the film Zulu! and felt very patriotic. He asked me if we did any models for this period so I showed him some pictures of the models and our Rorke’s Drift set. He was very impressed, but as he is not a modeller he kept dropping subtle hints about how nice it would be if someone painted some up for him!

Once I’d got hold of some British Line Infantry and some Married Zulus, it took me about 12-15 hours over 4-5 weeks to get the models painted and the base done. I used kitchen towel and cardboard for the ground, with PVA and sand added for texture. The wall was made with stones from my garden. I had great fun finding just the right pose and position for each model, and my friend was really pleased with the result.’



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