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Hobby: British Para Diorama by Dave Woodward

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As a gift for a friend of Warlord, John Stallard commissioned Dave Woodward to put together a diorama of British Paratroopers patrolling a European street using the Café Gondrée building from our Pegasus Bridge set as a backdrop.

Para Diorama 5

Para Diorama 4

The diorama depicts a section of Paras clearing a European road – peeking cautiously around the corner of the building as they advance further into occupied territory.

Para Diorama 3

The scene makes use of some of our Special Edition miniatures – Major John Howard from the ‘Pegasus Bridge’ set, Simone Segouin who is supplied with our ‘Armies of France and the Allies’ book (when bought direct through the Warlord webstore) and the ‘Never Surrender’ British Paratrooper model supplied with the Bolt Action Rulebook (also when purchased direct through the Warlord webstore).

Para Diorama 2

Para Diorama 1

We think you’ll agree that Dave’s done a fantastic job, and we hope that the new owner enjoys the gift!

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