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Gallery: Praetorian!

One of our most popular Roman sets are the Praetorian Guard. We’ve now received painted versions of the cavalry so here they are in all their glory!

Praetorian Cavalry

Resplendent in their cloaks and Attic helmets, the Praetorian cavalry cut a dashing figures on the tabletop. It wasn’t all looks though – they were capable of causing havoc with the enemy battleline and as such not many commanders will leave their fort without at least one unit of these noble horsemen. Whether you are looking for an escort for a Roman dignitary (or indeed the Emperor himself!) or looking to put the fear of the Gods into your opponent you know what you need to add to your army…

Praetorian Guards

The Praetorian Guard were the Emperor’s elite bodyguard as well as acting as Rome’s police force. Often filling its ranks with the sons of nobles and paid far more than the average Legionary the Praetorian Guard were looked upon with scorn and mistrust by the rest of the Roman army. Despite that not many commanders would turn down the use of this prestigious, crack fighting unit on the battlefield!

Auxiliary Cavalry

Auxiliary Cavalry of this period were organized into three different formations. These were the Ala quingenaria, Ala milliaria, and Cohors equitata. Armed with swords, spears, and javelins, these mobile and hard-hitting troops were able to devastate their barbaric opponents on the battlefield.

A Roman Cavalry Regiment would hit their foes with devastating impact, crushing morale and sending their foes fleeing. They would charge in with their spears before switching to their long cavalry sword, the spatha. The Regiment Boxed Set allows you to add your own units of hard-hitting Imperial Roman horsemen to your Roman Army.

Numidian Cavalry

The horsemen of Numidia in Northern Africa went from being enemies of the Roman Empire to being conscripted by Imperial Rome as fast-moving and highly effective skirmish cavalry. Wielding light javelins, small cowhide shields, and small but speedy ponies without saddles, these Berber tribesmen were respected by Rome whether they were allies or opponents.

These excellent, all-metal cavalry models are perfect for representing Numidian allies for an Early Imperial Roman legion or can serve equally well as Moorish/Berber opponents for a variety of different ancient armies.

The chaps at Artmaster Studio painted our Numidians for us and we really like how they’ve placed each horse in a different spot on the base to make them look like irregular cavalry – great idea!

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