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For King & Country and Conquest of Gaul

What better way to get started with a new game, than with one of our starter sets. Packed with hordes of models, as well as a full rulebook, these sets offer brilliant value and hours of wargaming fun.

Our For King & Country set will introduce you to the game of Pike & Shotte. It includes the gloriously presented full-colour hardback Pike & Shotte rulebook and more than 80 plastic miniatures, including 12 cavalry models, so whether you want to refight the battles of the English Civil Wars or the devastating Thirty Years War this set is just the job.

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Meanwhile, the Conquest of Gaul set will launch you into battles of Hail Caesar, between the barbaric Celts and the legions of Imperial Rome. This set has over 90 plastic models, including a Roman Scorpion catapult! It also includes the superb full-colour hardback Hail Caesar rulebook chock full of great eye candy!

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