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Event: Warlord Games Day, Oklahoma City

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ticketThe 5th of June is rapidly approaching, the kick-off day for the 2nd Annual Warlord Games Open Games Day in Oklahoma City. The weekend event starts Friday evening with a special visit to the 45th Infantry Division Museum which will be open for Game Day event attendees only.

The museum contains one of the nation’s largest collections of firearms, over 200 cartoons by Bill Mauldin, as well as memorabilia from World War II. The 45th Infantry Division had the distinction of fighting across Sicily, Italy, France and Germany, even serving with General George S. Patton’s 7th US Army.

Saturday morning brings access to all the games that Warlord Games offers. Where else can you experience Bolt Action across nine different tables, to include the huge Kursk table (a 16’ x 8’ sized battlefield)? There are five tables dedicated to Black Powder, two tables of Pike & Shotte, and a table each for Hail Caesar, Judge Dredd, Witchfinder General, and Beyond the Gates of Antares. Additionally we will have a table set up so attendees can take a look at Warlord Games latest release – Terminator:Genisys. All these tables will be available for attendees to try out something they may have never played before or even try their hand in participating in a battle for a game they are familiar with. With so much available you might be wondering if you have enough time to try everything. To help you with that all these tables will be available on Sunday as well.

If you’re looking to test your Bolt Action battle strategy we will be running a 1,000 point tournament. You will have three matches to prove your strategic (and dice rolling) prowess against fellow Bolt Action enthusiasts and there are prizes to be won. And speaking of prizes we will also be having a painting contest. Categories consist of young artist (16 and under), single figure, squad, transport, best overall and diorama.

US Open Day 2014

And what is a gaming event without vendors? Andrew Chesney from Warlord Games Headquarters will be bringing a goody bag of toys for purchase and we will have the folks from Litko games with their wonderful selection of gaming accessories that fit in with a lot of the Warlord Games products. Additionally, we will have Kernals & Kandies in attendance with their fine line of popcorn and candy to fix the sugar craving that gaming can bring.

To stay updated on the latest information for the 2nd Annual Warlord Games Open Games Day just visit our Facebook page at: You can post questions there at the site or if you have a specific question you need direct answers to you can contact us at

We hope to see you there for a fun and exciting weekend!