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    Hello ! I really like collect and paint SPQR, and i’m planning to play some day. However, i don’t understand clearly how Wild charge with the new melee rules. For example, if my 12 Gauls warriors are charging, but just 5 are contacting the enemy unit, how many extra melee dice will they get, 5 ou 12 ? If it’s 12 how to allocate this dice on the 5 models in contact ? Especially if there is a hero in the front rank of the enemy unit ? Thank you for your help !


    Hi JmB… don’t worry I don’t think anyone quite understands it.

    What I and my freind’s have agreed is we only count bonuses for models in base contact, so 5 charging skyclad would get their base 2 melee dice and +1 melee dice for each model in contact. So 5 in contact would be 15 melee dice.

    We also agreed that you only get parry if in base contact, which balances you rolling less dice to hit

    seems to work and makes contact slightly more protracted, less one round wonders




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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