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    I’d like to clarify a point of rules . At the club, we have two versions of the demoralisation threshold for a squadron. Version 1: At the start of the game I have 6 single-engined aircraft, the demoralisation threshold will be reached when I have 6+1 boom shit registered on this squadron. Version 2: Other players have the following reading, still with 6 single-engine aircraft: Turn 1: I take 1 boom shit Turn 2: one of my planes is shot down, making 2 boom shits + 1, so 3 in all, leaving 5 single-engined planes. Turn 3: after being shot at, I take 3 more boom shits, making a total of 6 boom shits. As I only have 5 planes left in the game, I’ve lost. What is the correct interpretation?


    erm… your auto correct needs looking at it boom CHITS … thats C not S!

    However v2 as its a case of in the end phase count the number of engines you have left on the table in a squadron v the number of boom chits that the individual squadron has taken so far in the game.

    eg if you have 4 single engine planes left but 3 boom chits then your fine.  If you have 4 single engine planes but 5 boom chits then you’ve broken

    eg 2 you have 3 twin engine bombers which gives you 6 engines so you need 7 boom chits to break, but if you had 2 bombers left you’d have 4 engines so would break on 5 boom chits.

    each squadron is worked out individually.  So you can have the fighters break but the bombers carry one!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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