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    What’s your favorite new tech infantry in K47 and what makes them your pick … armor, jump enabled , melee monstrosities , who is just too cool to leave behind and why ?

    Robert Rossman

    I’ve found the American Firefly infantry are quite useful. Between the speed and close assault capabilities their a good tactical tool. I imagine the German jump troops would bring similar skills to the table.


    I have to agree with the Firefly entry US & ECI both. Their versatility, cost and speed are their strength speaking as a person that just has Falcons. Tech infantry and Tech support units need to be expanded to keep this game going.


    I recently had a squad of K47 Italian Centurion Heavy Infantry painted up to be used as an allied force for my K47 German army in future games. I really liked their design–a subtle mixture of ancient-and-future-tech, in my opinion. Has anyone had any experience with this unit? Any pros or cons to offer? I would be interested in anyone’s thoughts or experiences. Thanks in advance for any replies

    L.T. Russell

    I play Germans and I’ve always gotta have a squad of Nachtalben. I make sure to add an extra guy or two to the squad to take advantage of Fatherland Resurgent and I load them up with panzerfausts and AT grenades.  Their Elite ability can be a game changer and Fast, Behind Enemy Lines, Tough and IR Vision are all useful….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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