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    What was Warlord thinking when they decided to use a dad joke level name for their new fantasy game? What’s next, and arena battle-bot game: Tobor Sraw?!


    I agree, reversing nowhere is not exactly a triumph for branding.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the models though.

    Charge The Guns

    If any of the Wombles were to see the funny side I would have thought it would have been you, Bungo!

    Layth AL-Najjar

    I like ti. There’s a niatrec ring to hcus a cliche. Fi only I dah notice it renoos.

    Warlord and Priestley is bring kitsch back to gnimagraw! 😀

    Tom R

    Erewhon backwards is nohwere.

    Wesley Myers

    I agree, it’s a terrible (or at least not very good) name!

    Perhaps it was an inside joke/statement by someone who works at Warlord and it was never noticed.

    Or maybe it was by a few disgruntled employees who wanted to make a statement of what they thought of the rules/game/use of Wargames Factory figures at very inflated prices?

    Perhaps a statement on how they suspect the game will be supported after it is made (like “Project Z” that was just left to die).


    The name has more behind it than you think. It is the title of a fairly famous book, you know the sort, one that everyone has heard of but no one has actually read.
    Wikipedia link here:

    Not that I am saying it is appropriate of course but it does have some ‘bottom’ to it.

    Andy Bryant

    But…….Do you want a game of WoE?


    Eric Dewinter

    As a french speaker, it is somehow strange and hard to pronounce “Erewhon”. I think it can affect its sales on non-english-speaking markets. Anyway, I will probably simply call it “Warlords” with my gamer friends.


    We just call it the warlords of nowhere.


    I have found that several online retailers misspell it as ‘Erewhon’. That is the spelling for Butler’s 1872 novel.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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