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    Omega Rechara

    Hello. Picked up the core box & the us fleet box in late Dec/early Jan as I too like the idea of a naval skirmish game centered around the small ships that saw action in ww2. In addition, upon receiving the core box, I was looking through the book to find a good fleet centerpiece for my US fleet & was surprised to find the next biggest ship after the cutter was the Buckley class frigate rather than any of the other vessels in use by the US Navy/coast guard at the time (see attached pic below). Undeterred, I decided to find & pick up one of the trumpeter 6mm (1/350) scale Buckleys, build it & paint it up in anticipation of being able to use it in some larger sized games of cruel seas. However, while I was building the ship & after I completed it, I noticed a disconnect between the Buckley as built vs the Buckley as statted in the rules. I am aware that it’s possible to adjust the equipment of the ships via the guide before the initial fleet lists, but I was curious as to Warlord’s intended weapons layout for the Buckley class frigate (destroyer escort); namely, the location of the 2 40mm guns on the ship, what to do about the 1.1” mounted on the rear of the upper deck & the general firing arcs of the guns just to make sure I was on the same page as the designers. I hope to hear from you soon & look forward to seeing how this game will expand & evolve.

    P.S. If you’re curious as to the particular classes associated with the cross-section images let me know as I did some research into the hulls themselves & was able to visually link the different profiles with particular classes of ships.

    invisible officer

    There are many versions of arming “Buckley” class DE in WW II.
    A class name not used in WW II.

    For example DE 53 had Torpedo tubes and twin 40 mm AA, DE 578 no TT and single 40 mm.

    Not to forget that the Cannon / Bostwick type was so similar that in your WW II made side view both are the Long hull and Evarts the short one.
    These war time recognition drawings are not very accurate but got used a long time post WW II in US books. Like Navy Uniforms, Insignia and Warships of WW II by Tantum and Hoffschmidt , 1968. Only change was printing the page without the ONI restricted Header. It had a new page about Buckley but none about Evarts or Cannon.

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