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    Any chance of letting us know what options are included in the new Matilda II tank?

    Warlord Matilda II

    The description on the site only mentions two pounder and howitzer options, but the rear box “art” mentions the bustle to make trench crossing safer. The photographs do show both exhaust formats and it is unclear if the differing cupola heights are provided.


    Bradley Coles

    cant believe there are no sprue shots out yet….


    Thanks to “Italian River Of Political Significance”, I have seen pictures of the Matilda II instructions showing the sprues and the part numbers.

    There appears to be high heels and flats, both kinds of exhaust (and a bustle), Vickers and BESA mantles and two different sets of upper turret mouldings (not complete turrets).

    That answers a lot of my questions (except why are they not shouting this from the roof).

    So it looks like a big box of Matildas for me.

    Joakim Nyberg

    Really like this kit!
    Nice stuff warlord😍

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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