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    The Eccentric Man

    My friends and me had bought our tickets for the GT last year, amazingly its taken nearly a year to publish the rules pack. Making it a bit difficult to plan, build and paint a new army for it as we did not know what format it would take. A lost opportunity for sales I think.

    However it was with disappointment that I read the pack for the GT, there was no clear indication of what the composition of the army selection was to be. Were we able to take 1 or 2 platoons? Could they be either Reinforced platoons or tank platoons? I contacted one of the people who are running it and was informed it was going to be any configuration.

    I was really hoping that it would not be a mix of both a Reinforced platoon and a tank platoon, or even two tank platoons. I find events that run this system inevitably encourage overpowered lists maxing out armour and infantry creating an imbalance of armies with those who are only taking 1 Reinforced platoon or even maybe two.

    There will be those that say well they could bring the same. It’s a shame they have to, to compete. However in my view Tank Wars is not actually Bolt Action. Its an expansion to play with lots of Tanks. Bolt Action was designed to be mainly infantry based, adding in Tank Wars distorts it significantly in my opinion.

    Perhaps a separate Tank wars event could be run.

    As you would have guessed, I would have preferred to play a “Bolt Action” event.

    Simon P

    I have to agree that it has taken a lamentable time for the last minute “pack” to be produced, although I have a feeling that this may not be Gary’s fault. After all he has produced and published the “Roll Call BHGS Pack” over 6 months before the event.
    In light of the GT being fully booked in March and then readvertised several months later gives me the impression that its organisation was passed between different parties and started afresh.
    I agree with Eccentric Man that with 48 players and mixed tank platoon/infantry platoon lists it will not give fair games. Many nationalities, especially as some players are currently following the desert early war fever, do not have the capability to take on multiple tanks.
    It may be a case of having a period theme GT events to give a “level playing field” in future. Not everyone wants to be a “power player”.
    That said, I still look forward to the event, I just hope there is a wooden spoon award waiting for me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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