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    What a mess, how can the person at Warlord games even place their 2 cards with their names in the box as the person who packed and picked my order with this kind of disgrace and lack of caring?!?!?

    NOTE the outer shipping box was 100% sealed, with NO damage at all.
    Here is the list of issues the packer “Ana” (2 of her packing cards were enclosed) caused:
    1) The main box was not shrink wrapped and had already been opened.
    2) One of the two brigade boxes had no shrink wrap, was partially crushed and ripped along its edge, with some contents spilling out.
    3) There was for some odd reason a round gray plastic piece with Warlord Games on it that also fell out of the damaged brigade box mentioned in (2), and another found in the main shipping box.
    4) In the preorder box was numerous pieces that were already cut or broken off the plastic sprue, some with bent or broken swords etc.
    Obviously, all of this is the high quality and service we receive from their high shipping prices as well as their soon to be increased “Warlord Fee” just to send packages and minimal order amounts.

    Wow. I’m sorry that happened to your order. Just thinking this through a little though. Are you in England? If not, did your package go through customs and get inspected? I’ve gotten packages opened before and resealed by customs.



    I am in the USA, and the package went thru customs at Los Angeles California (Californication).

    However, the outer box was flawless, something I would not expect if the same customs trashed the inside.

    Its possible though.

    Regardless of the reason, I am no longer going to order directly from them.

    Instead I will wait for my online game shop located physically here in the USA to get Warlords products including pre-order products.

    In fact, I already have and they are faster, shipping cost less, and packed with care, as well as bubble wrap.

    Warlord only threw  in a sad single brown hand twisted crushed brown packing paper on one side, whoopi doo

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    I’m American, too. I’m wondering if we can request, if on is willing to pay for it, for a professional carrier such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx to deliver packages?



    Since this was likely Warlords fault and not the shipping company, it won’t make any difference.

    I do not believe customs did it, as the box does not seemed to be resealed.


    Do you have Pictures for us?

    Eduard Novikov

    I am in Canada and the last two packages I ordered were delivered by UPS and Canada Post. Everything in the box was shrink-wrapped and bubble-wrapped. Not saying that the OP is lying, it is just weird how different our experiences are.


    Already sending photos to Warlord per their request.

    Even without seeing the photos they are blaming the shipper.

    If indeed the shipper rough handled the box, which there is no evidence of, its perfect and has not been opened re-sealed, the fact the one small “brigade box” which had no shrink wrap , while the other one did, would not have spilled its contents with shrink wrap around it.

    In addition, one small crushed bundle of brown paper to keep the big box and 2 smaller ones from being tossed is not enough.

    Frankly, between this issue, Warlords new extra shipping fee, new minimum order policy to ship, slow shipping and processing times as well as waiting a month still for my Gettysburg mat to be even processed or shipped is just too many issues in too short a time.

    I do not even want anything from them as a result of the damaged and bent plastic swords.

    Just an acknowledgement they will not allow this to happen to other customers like you.

    I am sending the photos to them today, but no matter what, I refuse to order directly from them ever again.

    I have a great local dealer, who gets all their pre-orders and gets them to you faster than Warlord can.

    MUCH faster, and packed with care.

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    invisible officer

    “Professional Carriers” ?   They are not better. I’m still waiting for a book sent by Warlord via UPS to Germany.  In January!

    UPS gives daily new notes. In depot, at custom,  left cutoms, in depot, on transport , at customs………   Like an ape hitting buttons . I got so many delivery dates…….  Like the Allies post Arnhem it does not move deeper into Germany for two months now.  Not everything is Brexit, a lot is just XXXX carriers.  On continent UPS has the worst reputation possible, in all test ranking last of the big ones.

    Some carrier repack following damage without a note. Adding  new identical papers outside. Looks like never opened.

    Nigel Heather

    So my independent view.

    1. Looking at the retail boxes – I find it very hard to believe that they would have been packed like that at the Warlord Games warehouse – it would be a very silly thing to do especially as they have to put their personalised packing slip inside.
    2. But the external packaging is intact and undamaged.

    So if I were to guess what has happened it would be this.

    At some point during transit, the package has been squashed and damaged.  The courier, maybe thinking they were doing the decent thing or maybe because they were trying to hide the damage they had caused have transferred the contents over to a new external box.

    Out of interest, is there any Warlord branding on any of the external labelling or is it all courier stuff – when I receive orders from Warlord (albeit I’m pretty local in the UK) I have always been able to tell that the parcel is from Warlord before I even start to open it.

    But either way, Warlord should replace any damaged sprues at their cost – and I’m sure they will.  Suggest you talk to them nicely rather then calling them a disgrace.



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    Damion Keeling

    They are one of the slower companies to deal with but I’ve never had any problems with the items themselves. I am disappointed at the new minimum order though as it means I can’t get the limited (why?) edition figure I wanted, essentially I have to spend £75 to be eligible to get it with none of the offset shipping sets being from the ancient history range, which the figure itself is.

    invisible officer

    A never ending story ?    Fools day I received a new UPS info:   Passed Customs.     OK, sounds well, but I had the same notice at the beginning of march. Postition is 3 days later still the same, just inside  Germany, not a step nearer to Prussia.


    Over 2 months…… .    (It’s no true Brexit  problem, DHL too is slower now but needs 3 weeks “only”)


    Together with the new minimum order that stops me from ordering.

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