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    Bill Smith

    We are probably all familiar with the Vosper “type II” (more correctly Vosper 73ft type I) which is on the Royal Navy sprues, due to 1/72 Airfix kit.

    When doing some research to get appropriate hull numbers for these, I was surprise to find that only 17 boats were build to that design, and they only began entering service at the tail end of 1944. In addition to this they only seemed to serve in two flotillas based on the south coast of England, a relative backwater in late ’44, ‘early 45, so their historical use appears limited – to say the least!

    invisible officer

    True. But it is “the” MTB type we all know since the Airfix model.
    I did my first many decades ago.


    The “two different on a sprue problem” is similar with the S-Boote. The S-38 is of little use for those that play middle to late war. And S-100 for early war.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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