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    Hi everyone,

    I’m stocking Virai models for quite some time now and didn’t go that because of the two things (beside the actual world situation that prevent gathering with friend to play games):

    – my paint scheme (almost done)

    – flying pegs


    I about to discuss about the second point here. The issue is once they are glued to the model the tend to break easily , and as they are glued, no chance to put a new one without a lot of work and potential damage to the model paint, the model itself and no easy way to reuse your base without making a new one.

    If you don’t glue the pegs, then the model is loose on it and won’t stay in place.

    A friend of mine (this guy who have every single model of every faction of the game, most of you know who he is) went with an elegant solution:

    – cut the thinest part of the peg

    – get some widgets from a non WL game called DropZone

    – drill your model to insert the upper part of the flight stand

    – insert the standard peg into it


    It nice but, those widget are hard to find and can be quickly expensive as it tend to be mispacked (8 or 16 instead of 64 a pack) so I had to find something else and I think I get something that will do the trick (for me a least).

    I use a 1.8mm drill to go as far as I can without going through the model so the peg is not loose but can easily be inserted and remove.

    I use a 2.8mm dril to expand a bit the base of the peg hole so the larger part of the peg get into the model a bit reducing the small part’s fragility.


    I hope it could be of any use for anyone.


    Feel free to comment and expose your own solutions.


    PS: I hope I’ll be able to display some models in a near future (I’m pretty sure no Virai were painting this way ^^)

    Tim Bancroft

    That’s a neat variant of a common way of fixing the pegs and saves the drilling out into the peg for a metal pin.

    I’m clumsy so quickly break the stands. So once they go I then drill out using a 2.9/3mm drill and insert the whole of the broken-off flight stand a few millimetres.


    Also it allow easier storage as the models can be removed from their base/peg.

    I love the Virai minis but on they don’t fit most of the standard foam spaces ^^


    I think Litko sells a product very similar to the Dropzone Commander parts


    Looks like a good alternative. Thanks for sharing it.

    The only difference I can notice here is that this one seems to be made of harder plastic. Not sure if it changes anything here.

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