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    I love the Vallejo Spray Paint colors, the paint goes on nice an even, doesn’t cover up details, and the colors I’ve used are historically spot on. They advertise theses spray paints can be used as the primer and base color for your miniatures. I wanted to see if anyone has just used a Vallejo Spray Paint as the primer and base coat (with just one or two applications) skipping the whole priming a miniature step with your black, grey, or white primers (spray or brush on). Im about to work on a Bulgarian Army (actually late war). I’ve researched the uniform colors for the Bulgarian uniform and Vallejo English Uniform is really close to the actual color. Luckily the English Uniform is also available in Spray. Before I spray all my miniatures with the Vallejo, I just wanted to get some opinions as to do I need to do the traditional priming stage (I usually use black primer) or skip it and just spray with the Vallejo spray can base color.  I have lots of projects to work on (running events/tournaments for Warlord) and I’m just doing my Armies table top quality, still looking good but if an armies uniform is all the same color (tunic and pants) just want to hit them with a base coat, flesh, a few details, and a wash. Thank you in advance.



    I don’t use spray anymore as I invested in an aerograph to get rid of them (I live in an appartement) but I mostly use Vallejo product including their primers.

    If you need a comparison, I’d say they’re similar to the army painter range : great priming surface, 100% colour match to the bottle ref.

    So yes you can use their spray range to prime and base caot all at once.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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