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    Eric Fontaine

    Chat, brag, ask questions, seek advice, or posts lists here and let the community give you some feedback! Be warned, it can be good and bad.


    US 5th army, Italy, 1943.

    x1 Reg 2lt w/aide
    x3 Reg 11 infantry w/bar
    x1 Reg 10 infantry w/bar
    x1 Vet Bazooka team
    x1 Vet Sniper team
    x1 Reg Medium arty w/ spotter
    x1 Reg Jeep w/mmg
    x1 Reg M4a1 w/pintle mmg

    10 order dice, 1000 pts on the dot.

    4 units of infantry can cover some ground, the arty is a solid threat to any teams or dug in units, m4 is well rounded for the 1k pt games.

    Eric Fontaine


    Did you ever consider dropping 2-3 Guys per squad, and removing the pintle (as if fired causes you to be open top and easily pinned by rifles) those extra points could easily get you another squad, or 2 more support options. Thoughts. But looks good, we generally play 1250pts locally, but some events are different. I like it, its a stream lined list, set to do it’s job.


    Not a bad idea really, drop the pintle and make the squads all nine man. Frees up 85 points, that’s an 8 man squad with BAR.

    Andy Worsley

    The push to 1250 points always puzzles me, it’s like kids in a sweet shop who can’t decide what to take, so they just get it all?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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