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    Randy Hardin

    I see where several types of boats can have reloads, but I have searched the rulebook front to back and I found one reference that a reload could take about 45 seconds. But no other details. Does the boat have to slow? Crew unman guns and help? Steer a straight course? How many turns/cycles is 45 seconds? Any one know where to look for this?

    invisible officer

    The Schnellboot crews needed 3 minutes for the reload. But not fighting at same time. Imagin to handle a G7a Torpedo of more than 1.500 kg on a Schnellboot at full speed, the vessel jumping around on the waves.

    No. They went out of action and hid in the darkness or smoke. Hoping to find the enemy again.

    I would simulate that by going to table edge. Staying one turn off table and then return reloaded.

    I guess the rule writers knew that reloading in mid of action was impossible. And so did not write a rule.

    Randy Hardin

    Well, I knew it would not be an easy function. But again with the possibility of doing so, I was curious as to the possible procedure. The German boats with reloads, had the reload on rails that lead right into the tubes. Whether that would be possible in a short action is questionable. But having the reloads on board makes them a terrible target for the torpedo critical hit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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