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    invisible officer

    The Warlord „M-Class Minesweeper“ is more accurate the Amtsentwurf 1939 mob. Minensucher. The prominent feature of that class is the big “Bootsschwinge”, the special big U shaped crane. The older M 1 – 25 Amtsentwurf 1935 ones did not have that big crane.

    In 1939 they had 2x SK 10,5 cm L/45 guns (480 rounds), 2 x 3,7 cm AA (3000 rounds) and 2x 2xm AA (4000 rounds) They could carry 30 mines. In war the number of AA was increased.

    The You tube M- class painting video is nice but not accurate in all parts. For example the Motorpinasse / boat looks much too light. It had the same grey the hull was.

    The 1939 mob middle deck was no longer wood covered; only the older 1935 M1-25 had it but looked different.

    The metal deck parts had been black or in wartime in camo. Bridge decks and upper decks on most German ships had no wood but Linoleum of a reddish color. In wartime often removed and painted.

    If you want to add a number you must be carefull. The type is given in Internet or books as M 26 to M 260 but many listed had not even ordered, like M 86 – 100 or M 157 – 200. Same with M 207-250 and 257-260.

    Ship’s bottom was painted red but the waterline was dark grey up to 1 m under water.

    Most M-Böcke got a camouflage painting I wartime. Following the “Denkschrift : Das Tarnen von Schiffen” by OKM 1942 the following colors got used: White, lightgrey, dark grey, light green, dark green, olive green, light brown, dark brown, pink, blue and black. But not all at same time.

    The M 1939 (built until 1942) was followed by the Amtsentwurf 1940. They look very different! First ready came 1942 to the Kriegsmarine.

    My old friends Dieter Jung, Arno Abendroth and Norbert Kelling wrote long ago the ultimate book on German Kriegsmarine ship painting: Anstriche und Tarnanstriche der deutschen Kriegsmarine. A scientific study by experts. (They are all from Arbeitskreis Gröner) Published by Bernhard und Graefe. Well, all three are gone. The “young” IO helped a bit decades ago.
    It includes many pics and color chips.

    invisible officer

    The later 1939 mob Minensucher had a different gun shield for the 10,5 cm with higher AA angle and less side protection.

    The typical wartime camo of ths class was a false bow wave, painted in White. Dazzle-painting was very rare on the pre M 1940 type boats.
    You see it for example on M 107 post conversion to Begleitschiff / HQ ship vor 4. Räumbootlotille.
    There hadd been many conversions.

    invisible officer

    Other German Kriegsmarine standard Colors used on all ships are for example:
    96 / 1 and 96 / 2 for the boat cover cloth. In Grey or Brown.

    Rettungsflöße / rescue rafts got painted yellow, even on ships in camo.

    Smockstack tops got painted in Grey or “ALubronze”, a Kind of gunmetal.

    Paul G. Overend

    Excellent guide. Thank you!

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