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    So i’m pretty sure we had this, but i didn’t find it.

    The rulebook states: “all boats and ships, except tiny, have 2x MG for free.”

    So far so good. But now what confuses me, the rulebook never mentiones MGs, the only exception is the Higgins PT. But when i flip through the Ship Cards, i get confused (i can only talk about RN, KM and RMI).
    Ships of the RN all ships should have +2 MG because they all are small or lager.

    Part 1 RN:
    For some Ships the MG position is marked these are Vosper Type II and Type I, MK III LCG(L), Fairmile D MTB and the Trawler. The only 2 where it was forgotten (or just left) are the MTB 624 and MGB 660. But still im fine here.
    Some ships mention the MG x2 in the list (Vosper Type II and Type I, MK III LCG(L), Fairmile D MTB and the Trawler).
    Part 2 KM:
    The MGs are mentioned in the profile and on the layout. The only odd one is the Siebel Ferry with the MGs being shown only having 180° of angle.
    Part 3 RMI:
    The MGs are never mention in the card profile and only on the MAS card the MG positions are shown.

    This is so inconsistent.
    When are the positions marked? How should i read the profile of the card, has the ship 4 x MGs when its in the profile?

    Not to mention that the LCG (L) in the rulebook and the released version have different profiles once again (its not in the errata afaik).

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    I think you should assume all the weapons on the cards are there, and rhe 2 free mgs are additional. These represent crew small arms so wont be modelled


    We could also assume that the 2 x MG for small and larger boats is for the lists in the rulebook only. Because it is mentioned above the lists for each ship (correct me if i missed the rule elsewhere).
    Not that this would be better, because some boats would be lacking mgs alltogether (MAS and all other RMI boats/ships, MGB 660, MTB 624).


    2 FREE MG’s are in addition to any marked or listed on their cards.

    Some of the ships being released are actually a specific class/type/mark that differed from the main/generic used in the original rulebook, hence different stats on their data cards.

    I believe the plan in the future will be to release a PDF for each fleet with a clear update on each specific ship alongside the generic vessels.


    Thanks for clarification

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