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    We had some big games last Friday and I realised that the cardboard clouds tend to slide pretty easily (I should have noticed it before) so I thought about having them replaced by mouse pad clouds.

    I know that mat maker as Deepcut Studio allow you to make custom mats but I don’t think they do custom shaped ones.

    If I order a square mat with all the required shapes, would it be easy to cut them? Will it tear down badly with time?


    I finally went opportunistic and made a common order with a friend for a custom mat from deep cut studio.

    I will see how it will cut tomorrow but so far, the result is really nice.

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    It’s a bit complicated to get a pic uploaded here so I went with the old link option

    terrain mat


    Really interested in how you get on with this, thinking of ordering a mat from Deepcut anyway. We’ve had the same issue with clouds drifting, and I think this may be the way forward.


    Definitely an interesting option but an expensive one.
    That’s why I benefit of a common order so we cut delivery cost.

    We’ve got confirmation that custom mat can also be double-sided now.

    I need to check with deepcut how accurate they can be to get both sides aligned.
    It would allow to have bombs on one side and clouds on the other.

    One note, I scanned and cleaned the original shape from the BoB box,but someone with artistic skills could make his own design. After all nothing limit those zone to the original shapes.

    I will cut it later today and let you know.


    Well definitely let me know before ordering, depending on price, me and my mate would probably like a set each.


    Here they come once cut
    Mat vs Cardboard
    The mat element are darker than the cardboard version.

    First close up shows that the mat is thicker than the cardboad but nothing really game changing. I doubt it will impact the base balance when crossing the edge.

    Second close up where you can see the mat texture.

    To cut them I started with my mum’s scissors which are pretty sharp (she was a dressmaker).
    It’s ok but as I have to cut little by little in the more curved part, it tend to ben the rubber part so the cut is not regular on the side. Anyone more agile with scissors can go straight with this option.
    We split the mat so my mum continue with the scissors and I switch for a blade and a cutting mat.
    It was easier for me and you can go with straight lines and curve little by little.

    The result is more than decent I think.

    Just be sure to use sharp tools. I you go with a blade, avoid cutting with two passes. Just ensure to get your blade through the mat before sliding it.

    I may use a big black pen to darken the side but it’s not mandatory.

    I made a major mistake when making the order as I rushed a bit to provide the image.
    I get only 3 cloud and 3 ballon zones when I need the double.

    I remade the math and here is the result from the Print-O-Mat:
    – 6 single sided zones (what I get) : 17.90 €
    – 6 double sided zones : 29.90 €
    – 12 single sided zones (what I should have ordered) : 17.90 €

    Beside the price, the double sided option seems to be a bad choice as when you put a zone on the mat side on another mat it glides almost as much as the cardboard.

    The rubber side still can be slid on a mat but way much less than the card board.


    I use a big square of blue felt and have never had a problem with the cardboard clouds moving around. I guess it depends on the material you use for a mat.


    It’s not only sliding, it’s also that the cardboard is not completely flat. So on one side (unfortunately the cloud one) they tend to pivot at any contact they get.

    Felt will definitely reduce such issue. That why cards mat use it after all.

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