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    Can any soldiers rider on tanks?

    I just cannot see any mention in the main rules. In the Soviet book there are special tank rider infantry. What about other nations?


    Nicholas Ellis

    Just Tank rider squads can ride tanks in the Russian lists. The Germans also get a squad that can ride on Assault guns, but not tanks.

    Eric Fontaine

    Germans have Stug Riders and Soviets have tank riders, both are special types of units specifically trained to work with and ride into combat with their assigned armor unit. Other nations may have “hitched a ride” from time to time, but did not form dedicated units for such tasks.


    Western Desert book allows US and Brit forces to hitch a ride… But goes on to say that it’s not the same as the Soviet and German units …. but gives them almost exactly the same rules.


    At least with the Russians, tank riders are generally not a good idea with the limited exception of using them in Tank War to get some infantry without a “dedicated” transport like a truck.

    The problem with using a tank as a transport, even a tank that will be typically advancing on an enemy position like an OT-34, is that the rules for Tank Riders are really punishing. Basically if *anything* shoots at the tank, the tank riders disembark and go down. This makes them very unreliable and they will typically struggle to do anything because your opponent largely controls when they will disembark…

    The models are kind of neat though, and I think the squad has a place in Tank Wars to get some boots on the table, although its not like Trucks are particularly expensive…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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