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    Jim Ripley

    I’m planning on going to Europe in the summer of 2023 and want to visit Bovington , Saumur , Munster and hopefully Kubinka tank museums , as well as the beaches of Normandy ( maybe Warlord as well ) . Does anyone in the forum know of any UK travel agents who arrange these kind of trips ? Thank you

    Simon Doyle

    Bovington is pretty easy to visit. I’ve been a Friend/member for a while and entry is free other than for special events such as Tiger Day (there are 2 per year) and Tankfest. If you’re planning a special trip, you’d get a lot out of either of these events (Tiger is Spring and Autumn, Tankfest is early summer). Those events are on the Tank Museum website and you need to get a ticket in advance. Dorchester, Poole or Wareham are really close to Bovington and have hotels and decent places to use as a base to visit other bits of Dorset. Clouds Hill (TE Lawrence’s house) is about a mile away from Bovington. I don’t know about the other sites….

    L.T. Russell

    Yeah, a tour of Bovington is definitely on the Bucket List for me.  I’d LOVE to see Tiger Day and feel/see the Tiger drive by….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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