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    invisible officer

    Nerd me starts doing „generic“ models that come without a name or class given with a research for the model of the model. (If someone from Warlord’s Cruel Sea team can give me a hint for the tanker ….. ?)

    No problem with the German VP Trawler and even less with that British one.
    160 Straths had been ordered in WW I by RN. Most got sold post war and served the fishery industry. In 1939 the RN owned just one, the Strathcoe that was converted to carry 24 mines and a single 3 in gun.

    The WW I design looked different from WW II service one. The only gun position was the aft one. The boat was positioned at the stern and so the space for Depth charges was small.
    1n 1939 75 Strath class Trawlers got requisitioned.

    In service they had some differences, esp. with the DC at stern. I decided to do Benjamin Coleman that had the style of the Warlord model.

    Most got a single 3 pdr at bow and 2 – 4 .303 MG at the aft gun position. Others had a 6 pdr and a few (like the Benjamin) a 12 pdr. In mid/late war the MG got replaced by a 2 cm in most.

    So first conversion was the armament, scratch 12 pdr and MG. Aft mast area was different and a crane had to be added. Above bridge a command deck was to be added. And the fishing gallows at the sides.

    invisible officer

    Straths could not be named after admirals so one decided for members of the crew of HMS Victory at Trafalgar. Benjamin Coleman, born 1796 in Dublin, was ordinary seaman.

    The vessel was built 1917 at Fleming & Ferguson Ltd, Paisley, completed 20.12.17. 202 Gross tons and 77 Nett tons. 115,8 ft long. Speed 10 knots.

    16.11.1921 it was sold to John Stewart Boyle, Glasgow, there registered as GW 37. 1935 it was owned by John S. Boyle Ltd, Glasgow. The only notable thing was a law case in December 1937. The Skipper William Herkes, Leith, was fined £1 for using undersized mesh in his nets. He claimed that the nets had shrunk through constant use.

    In 1939 it was requisitioned as Auxiliary Patrol Vessel (P No.4.444).

    Like others from class it was converted in 1944 into an ESSO. These had been Trawlers transporting and distributing fuel.

    In September 45 it was returned to the owners.
    In 1952 it was renamed Emma Wood for Craig Wood Ltd. in Aberdeen, registered as A.695. 15.6.1960 scrapped by James A. White & Co Ltd, St. David’s on Forth.

    Paul G. Overend

    Fantastic work as usual IO!

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