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    Edward Green

    For those hyped about some ancient skirmish, I’m going to use my starter box, as a Spartacus uprising set. This theme resonated with me when I realized that the Romans included with the starter set were Marian. Further, SPQR presents an opportunity to paint up a skirmish force of Caesarian legionaries instead of an entire HC army–and that this was an opportunity to paint up a game to play in the early skirmishes of third Servile war.

    I recently ordered a Myrmillo gladiator to convert into Spartacus as a field hero. Does anyone have any conversion ideas that they would be willing to share? Of course I also got Pompeii and Marcus Crassus for my Roman leadership, supported by Vorenus and Pullo.

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    Charge The Guns

    I think the Slave Revolts are a great idea for an Ancients skirmish game. You could really emphasise the Gladiator’s individual skills in games like that.

    Richard Coates

    SPQR is going to be great for gladiators, where you’re not limited to how many heroes you can have so you can field a character-heavy force. There are rumours that the gladiators are already restless at Warlord, and may revolt before too long.

    Edward Green

    “There are rumours that the gladiators are already restless at Warlord, and may revolt before too long.”

    Now I am full-blown stoked! What a fantastic era/type of skirmish game, the David versus Goliath hero. Bring on Spartacus! Plus, Warlord needs a good solid gladitorial game to supplement Hail Caesar/SPQR. Keep the rumors flowing!

    Edward Green

    Below are my first two 500 denarius “Spartacus Uprising” lists. Let me know what you think?

    Roman (499)

    Hero Glaber: chainmail; sword; dagger 77
    Shield Master: Shield bash; shield wall

    Legionares (x5): w/pila; horn 142

    Legionares (x5): horn 130

    Cavalry (x5): horn 150

    Slave uprising (Gaul 499)

    Hero Spartacus (level 2): 85
    sword; leather armor; large shield
    Sword of vengence: wall of iron; lethal blade
    Natural hero: Inspire

    Hero Oenomaus: 62
    2x swords; leather armor; helmet
    Twin Blades of Hades: Rain of blades; storm of blades

    Hero Crixus: 77
    Great Axe; chain mail; helmet
    Titan of Battle: Hammer of the Gods; Mightiest swing

    Tribesmen (x10): bows 70

    Tribesmen (x10): slings 70

    Warriors (x15): 135

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