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    hi guys I’m getting into WW2 and acquired several Soviet tanks etc but they are painted deep dark green is there anything I can do to restore them to faded natural paint scheme? I would be using brush on and not airbrush so any paint manufacturer advice and post painting weathering materials would be greatly appreciated
    Cheers Peter


    If you could post up a picture it would help,thx.


    my friend, it all depends on what period you want to model.

    for example:
    By the beginning of the 40s, we had 3 basic paints for vehicles: dark green 4BO (russian green), dark brown 6K, yellow and earthy 7K (russian tan). Using as a base color a protective green 4BO paint (50% of the surface), two-color or three-color deforming camouflage was applied to the tanks using large brown (6K, 7K) spots of irregular shape (up to 25% of the surface for each shade).
    The following requirements were placed on the design and layout of the spots:
    1. Spots in their pattern should imitate the spots of natural backgrounds, they should have a tortuous contour and be diverse in their outlines and sizes.
    2. Spots of various colors are arranged so as to distort the usual type of the material part to the greatest degree.

    in 41, the new tanks did not camouflage at all, but were painted only in the base color (usually 4BO).

    in winter, sometimes instead of white paint, a lime solution was used, it kept worse than regular paint, and therefore the tanks painted with lime very quickly became white-green.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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