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    Activating vessel A, moving into shooting range to vessel D.
    At point range, A starts firing to D, then finishing the move (trying to get out of shooting range of the target vessel D as quickly as possible).
    So all the time, the target vessel D is just “watching” the approach of A, let it fire and pass, without any response? I cannot find any rule that D can shoot A, during the move of A.

    It just feels not realistic.

    What’s the reason for leaving out simultaneous shooting that is almost typical in every wargame?

    Big Al

    You mean like just about every other Wargame? Every game uses a form of IGOUGO. When it is your turn you get to perform all of the actions that you want.
    You can apply any reason to it – crew looking the other way, fumbled their reload, a bit slower at pulling the trigger, a target rich environment causing distraction, waiting for the perfect moment.
    There is also the time element to add in – how many seconds does a turn consist of?
    The turn will only be a few seconds long and it is divided up into activations for each model. This means the action is happening very quickly. Too quick for reactions as you are thinking about them. So, a boat moves and fires, while the target vessel attempts to react to any number of actions around it. This time, your vessel managed to act and get the drop on the opponent.


    Coastal actions are skirmishes rather than pitched battles – the naval equivalent of a wild west shoot-out – so the mechanics are going to be different. It’s not like Trafalgar …. or Jutland, where your “Indefatigable” gets blown up but, because the move is 5 minutes long, it still manages to get off several salvoes before being taken off the table.


    Thanks for your comments, see it different now.


    …if it is about attention, confusion, weapon handling on defender’s side…why not integrate a REACTION TEST for counterfire?

    If defender does NOT fail that reaction test, he can fire i.e. hit roll etc. at attacker’s vessel once attacker has activated his vessel and declared target.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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