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    Witch Racer

    Will the ship data cards be made available for the resin ships as they become out. After getting a resin Merchant Tanker it made using if difficult with out a card and to have to get a starter set just for a card very expensive. will I have the same problem with the Flower class corvette.


    I wouldn’t expect that there will be stat cards for ships other than those made by WG (and the Flower is not). But i am suprised, that there was no card included with the tanker.

    It was stated a while back, that a blank card will be made availible, but this was a while back and not much Cruel Seas stuff happend (personal opinion; i don’t care about releases of other manufactors).

    invisible officer

    Well, if they sell that wrong scale Flower like a Warlord product they should deliver it with the cards needed for the Warlord game.

    The starter set comes with one for the tanker but our group naturally just bought one set. Used by the set owner. So my own resin one is without.

    I think it strange that Warlord seems to expect that games will be played with just one tanker. Or that each gamer in a group buys the starter box.

    Gordon Smith

    If your looking for cards lots of people making them and posting them in FB group Cruel-seas and mosquito fleet.

    Mark Stanoch

    I couldn’t find the card for the merchant tanker on that FB group site. Any other suggestions?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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