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    Hi folks,

    it would be nice, when Warlord Games could release Packs with seperate Plane Models, which we can be clue on the Decks of the Carriers.

    What do you think about this?


    To be honest… not cost effective for warlord to do this.

    If they only put a few in a blister they wont sell and so waste of money manufacturing them/ marketing & distributing them, too many and they either only sell one or two OR the ‘loose plane’ blisters out sell the based planes.

    Dont forget that most things are made in house so resource that they put in to making these would take away from making the ships and based planes

    Robert Langlois

    Airfix and Revell sell inexpensive 1/1200 plastic kits of Hornet, Enterprise, Zuikaku and others. The aircraft supplied with these ships are a tad oversize for 1/1800 but a little undersize for 1/1200 but they are separate. Or you could do what I do:

    Photo 1.

    1. Cut to size a piece of wood veneer for the ocean base.

    2. Cut to size a blank for a carrier.

    3. Glue 1 and 2 together, paint all grey, paint ocean, paint wake.

    4. Obtain a piece of steel shim (about one thou’) about 5mm (1/4″) by 50mm (3″). Steel food can works OK.

    5. Glue 4 to the deck.

    6. Copy a carrier deck illustration from the web of which there are hundreds.

    7. Print off in colour and glue to 6.

    8. Buy a bunch of 1x2mm rare earth magnets from Amazon for CAN$15.

    9. Slightly enlarge the hole on the base of the VAS aircraft flights casting and glue a magnet into it.

    10. Assemble the flights on the deck … Photo 2. Only one of those carriers is from WG but the wood ones work until castings come out.

    11. Some of the aircraft in photo 2 are from Mongoose.

    12. I modify the aircraft bases to accept a thumbtack onto which the aircraft flights stick nicely or a thin wire about 6 inches long to keep the aircraft way up in the air.


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    You can get 1/1800 aircraft models on Shapeways. I’d check there first if you’re interested in unbased aircraft.



    I ordered 1/700 scale aircraft and placed on a clear 25mm base that is the same size of the VAS AC base, and i used different heights for types of AC, (1/2 inch for torpedo bombers, 1″ for fighters and 1 1/2″ for dive bombers or bombers).

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