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    William Sheil

    Just for clarification because it seems a bit underpowered when applied to 6pdrs, for example, the damage bonus (p26) for SAGs is just a flat 2 points?

    i.e.. 6pdr semi-automatic: 5D6+2?

    Big Al

    The rule says +2 points of damage to a single damage roll.
    To me, 5D6+2 is right because the 5D6 is a single damage roll.
    However, As you are rolling 5D6 for damage and that could be interpreted as 5D6 with +2 to each die roll.
    Good question that requires clarification.


    it’s 5D6 then add +2 to the total result – not to a dice – only natural 6’s cause Criticals

    Bill McGill

    Richard, if that is only effect for semi-automatic, why are they so expensive (+ 10 points) compared to, say, multi-barrel mounts that add 2 or 3 extra D6?

    Walter Hard

    To my mind, the real question is why so many guns are wrongly listed as “semi-autoamtic” in the ship rosters. The 40mm Bofors, the 37mm German Flak 36, and the U.S. 37mm M4 are all given as “semi-automatic”. None of them actually are — they are all fully automatic, and never had a semi-automatic version. The terminology wouldn’t matter much, except that the “semi-automatic” tag gives a (small) advantage. Is this intended? Incidentally, the 40mm Bofors and 37mm Flak36, when placed in multiple mounts on larger warships are not listed as semi-automatic.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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