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    Hi Got into Bolt Action about a year ago. Now starting my second army, this time based on the Sea Lion / Gigant books. These books give special rules for Lewis Guns other than them just being an LMG (Not sure why this was necessary as in my first army I actually modeled one of my LMGs as a Lewis Gun). In these rules it has 3 shots and “stoppages” special rule for +15pts. This seems a particularly bad deal (especially as the units that can have it can often take a BAR for +5pts).

    My Q is am I misunderstanding the 3 shots? Was this under the old 1st Ed rules and thus they now have 4 shots like other LMGs? if so the -5pts vs a standard LMG feels fair exchange for the “stoppages”. This was initially my thought though I then noted the books themselves say Second Ed on the front.

    Second I quite like the idea of the Great Panjandrum. However I find it appears in none of the force selectors. Is this an oversight?
    It seems fair to me to put it in the “Home Guard Reinforced Platoon” and / or “British Army Coastal Defence Reinforced Platoon”.
    Finally what would it cont as? “Artillery” or “Tank, Tank destroyers….” seems most appropriate. The “British Army Coastal Defence Reinforced Platoon” even includes “and mad inventions” in the “Tank, Tank destroyers….” section but fails to list the Panjandrum which is the only “mad invention” per se in the book (Ok the Cockatrice is pretty mad idea being designed for AA but as an “armoured car” it works. Also mounting a Northover on a sidecar is pretty wacky but that’s clearly listed as a “tank destroyer”.

    I tried to check the FAQ for any insight but found these 2 books seem to be the only campaign books without any section in the FAQ.

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